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8 Signs of a Professional Web Design Team (+ 4 Red Flags)


The digital era has brought about new possibilities for running a business. More companies are leveraging websites to connect with their customers and generate revenue. You don’t want to be among the 28% of the small companies that don’t have websites. 

Your website is your identity in the digital marketing world, and it is the best way to get noticed and expand your reach. However, your website’s success and effectiveness are only as good as its design. A good design will help your business stand out from competitors, build trust with your customers and increase conversions through a user-friendly experience. 

In an age where having a website sets the foundational success of your venture, you should select a good and professional web design team. 

Qualities of a Good Web Design Team 

These qualities will help you pick the right web designer for your investment.

1. Experience

Industry experience is a vital factor to consider when choosing a web designer. Experience designing websites in your field is a plus as it confirms the professional’s familiarity with the market and website demands. As much as a web designer with no experience in your industry may still build a successful site, it may take more time. 

Consider professionals that have handled at least one project for a company like yours, as they understand better what you need and may even provide suggestions for a successful project. Request for some referrals or links to platforms they have worked on. This way, you can evaluate the quality of their services.

2. Excellent communication skills

Good communication is critical for a successful business engagement, and more so, web design. It means the web design team is ready to listen and clearly understand your goals. They should also clearly communicate with you as the client and help you understand the different choices and how they will affect or benefit your business. 

Good communication will also mean the designer is open to feedback and constructive criticism. For instance, if you want the font, colors, or images to be changed, a professional should support rearranging to match your preferred aesthetics.

3. Ability to meet deadlines

Time management skills are vital for any role. As fast web design may impair quality, the designer should plan to complete the project on time. An expert with good time management skills can handle the task with clarity and precision.

They also provide room for feedback and amends. Web design involves several stages, and with a good time manager, you are guaranteed that each step will get the attention it needs and result in fewer errors.

A good designer should also be honest if the set deadlines are unrealistic. 

4. Great presentation skills

As much as you may have minimal experience with web design, it is vital to understand what the project entails. If the web design team is ready to take you through the project, it is a good sign. Whether it is visual aids or other tools, a good presentation will bring clarity to the project and give you a baseline for review once the project is complete. 

5. They have a good contract

Web design is a significant investment, and as a client, you need to be aware of exactly what you are getting. A contract will help you know if you will get value for your money even before the project kicks off. A contract is also a sign of the competence and professionalism of the web designer. 

There are several things to be keen on in the contract. It should include detailed descriptions of the work the designer will be doing. Timeline deliverables are also vital as they will support a work-back schedule that you can also use to track the project’s progress. 

The contract should also include payment details ranging from the downpayment to the overall costs and the due date. A termination clause is also necessary. If you are satisfied with the contract, the web design team is right for you. 

6. Additional services

The success of your website does not stop with the web design. Most professional web designers provide end-to-end services. A good team should offer additional services like SEO, digital and social media campaigns, and content creation, to mention a few. 

This will save you time and money, as you will not have to source for SEO experts separately, which will also come with a different price tag. The web design team will also have prior knowledge of your needs, which will effectively inform their delivery of the additional services. 

You will also get a better opportunity to learn more about digital marketing.

7. Good pricing

Having a budget will help you get a competitive web design price. Some of the factors to consider when making a budget include branding, content development, development costs, technical support, and advertising, to mention a few.

For instance, will there be a need to update the existing website when it comes to branding? For content development, will you do it yourself or leverage the services of the design team? 

When it comes to development costs, you can use open-source software, which is free or proprietary software that comes at a price and personalized support. 

If you don’t have a dedicated IT team in your company, you might have to consider the web design team for technical support, which might attract extra costs. You can then research and get estimates for a budget. 

You can then use the information to find the best prices on the market.

8. Flexibility and problem-solving skills 

A flexible web designer can adapt to the demand and comfort of the end-user. A good team can use a flexible layout that can accommodate amends when you give feedback as the client. A flexible attitude will enable the team to deliver the project not exactly as they think it should be but in alignment with the client’s needs. Flexibility will not only result in a successful and user-friendly website but also make collaboration easier.

Several problems accompany the designing process. Web designers need quick and efficient solutions to prevent the development of more issues and the project’s failure. Through problem-solving, a good team will be able to add value to the design. 

creative web design team brainstorming ideas in the office

four web designers collaborating on a new website

4 red flags to look out for when choosing a web designer

The demand for web design is high, and so is the number of professionals in this space. Here are some warning signs to look out for to avoid scams and pick a professional web design team.

1. A wanting reputation

A bad reputation is a red flag you cannot afford to ignore when choosing a web designer. This is why requesting referrals and reading reviews is a vital part of the search. Other clients’ experience is a reflection of the quality of experience you will get. 

Avoid wasting your time and money by avoiding web design companies that clients complain about.

2. Too good to be true prices

Research and get an estimate of the cost of designing a website for a company in your industry. It is worth noting that the size of the company is also factored in pricing. If your medium-sized business gets a quotation for a small company, you should be worried. 

No professional will be willing to price their services below the market price. If that is the case, they are scams, or you will not get quality services. 

3. Absence of a contract

Contracts are there to protect both the client and the service provider. A professional web designer that is confident about their services will be inclined to protect themselves. A contract will ensure you get value for your money.

The lack of a contract makes the authenticity of the web design company questionable. More so, it puts you at financial risk. If the company is reluctant to offer a contract, it screams unreliable, unprofessional, and inauthentic. You should avoid the company.

4. No evidence of past work

If a web designer talks about having experience handling the project, then portfolios and past work should be available. If your project is the first they are taking, then the designer should be able to do a demonstration. 

Not receiving either of the two is a red flag and may mean the web designer is inexperienced. It could also mean their services are not of admirable quality, and they are not ready to showcase them.


Getting a trustworthy and competent web design team is not impossible. However, it would help if you had a checklist that would guide you in assessing the most desirable competencies from your prospects. Good communication skills, industry experience, time management, competitive pricing, and additional services are qualities of a professional team.

Pay attention to red flags like the absence of a contract, a bad reputation, the lack of a portfolio, and unrealistic prices. 

Hiring the right team is the foundation of a successful website and digital marketing strategy. Contact us for more details. 

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